LDE Measurement Data Google Sheet Page

If you have measured your course using the standard procedure, then you must submit your application, including your measurement data, through the online portal (certifiedroadraces.com). If you have not used the standard procedure to measure your course, then you will need email your application, measurement data, and course map to your state certifier, and your certifier will submit your course through the LDE process.

In order to determine if you should use the online portal to submit your application, or you should email your application to your certifier, you should read the section of the Procedures Manual at the link below.


If you have determined that because of the measurement technique you have used, you are not able to submit your application through the online portal, you will need to email your certifier your application, measurement data, and course map. The Google Sheet described below can be used to complete and submit both your application and your measurement data. It's important to note that the RRTC does not require you to use this this google sheet to submit your measurement data for LDE measurements. However, the idea is that if most measurers do use this sheet it will be easier and quicker for certifiers, and everyone else, to understand the data for measurements that can be quite complicated and difficult to understand otherwise.

LDE Measurement Data Google Sheet

Click on the link below to open the Google Sheet.

LDE Meassurement Data Google Sheet Version 2.6

The link below is a video showing how to enter course data into the sheet.

YouTube Video with instructions for use

Finally the links below are examples of completed google sheets for different measurement situations.

Example with simple segmented course data

Example with more complicated multi-segment course data

Example with an adjusted measurement course data