RRTC Officer Roles – Course Registrar

Registrar Position

This position is appointed by the Chairperson of the Road Running Technical Council. The Chairperson may make the appointment based upon the person’s previous experiences as a Measurer or preferably a Certifier. The Chairperson may also seek a recommendation of others that have served on the Road Running Technical Council. It is most important that a Registrar has experience at least with the process of Certification. The ideal person for this job is the Chairperson, because any problems can be handled immediately and the Chairperson has first hand knowledge of all courses being Certified.

Registrar’s Responsibilities

The Registrar receives course data from the Vice Chairs, scans the maps & certificates, maintains the databases of certified courses and measurers and, working with the USATF webmaster, uploads those databases and scanned maps & certificates* to the USATF website. The Registrar also keeps electronic backups of all data, in addition to saving hard copies of the maps and certificates.

Note: The Registrar’s function is the last step for our check and balance system for looking over the Certificate/Map. It is most important that each certificate with its map meet the necessary requirements and the Registrar must make sure all is in order. The Registrar will contact the Regional Certifier for any corrections.

* Scanned certificates are being uploaded to the USATF site, as of November 2010.