RRTC Officer Roles – Education and Training Chair

Purpose: To increase the knowledge base level of course measurement and certification among certifiers, measurers, race organizers and the running public.

1. Seminars/workshops

Schedule measurement seminars/workshops during the course of the year at running group meetings (RRCA, RunningUSA, etc.) and with smaller groups (USATF Assocations, race production companies, NYRR, BAA, local running clubs, etc.).

Coordinate instruction staffing of above using experienced measurers (preferably IAAF “B” or above) and scheduling with hosting group.

Create standardized course measurement workshop instruction materials, and distribute these to presenters prior to workshop date. Also possibly make these materials available for online download via RRTC.net and USATF.org websites.

2. Measurer/certifier knowledge base

Attempt to make measurers more aware of Measurement Bulletin Board and become engaged and active participants.

3. Race organizer/running public awareness

Emphasize the importance of course certification to both groups, so that the majority of runners demand certified courses to race on and organizers know what constitutes a certified course and how they can provide them to their running customers.

Ensure that race organizers are aware of rule changes (separation allowance, course renewal/expiration, etc.) that could affect the status of their event.

Work with organizers to facilitate certification of their event(s)’s courses, by directing them to RRTC materials online including database of measurers and certifiers, as well as encouraging them to learn to become measurers themselves (in conjunction with 1 above).