RRTC Officer Roles – Members at Large


The Chairperson of the Road Running Technical Council (RRTC) is authorized to appoint up to three members-at-large to serve on the Council. A member-at-large does not have a term of appointment but shall serve at the pleasure of the Chairperson.


A member-at-large shall be a USATF member in good standing. A member-at-large appointee should possess a thorough working knowledge of the duties of the Council and have substantial experience with the certification and validation processes.

Duties and Responsibilities:

A member-at-large shall:

  1. Serve in an advisory capacity to the RRTC Chairperson on special projects, as well as on matters of RRTC policy or strategic interest to the Council.
  2. Provide written or oral advisement, information and research on specific topics, as requested.
  3. Serve on ad hoc committees established by the RRTC, as requested by the Chairperson.
  4. Attend the RRTC Annual Meeting, when possible.