RRTC Officer Roles – Chairperson

Chairperson’s Position

This position is appointed by USATF’s President. The Chairperson should have previous experiences as a Measurer, a Certifier and preferably as a past member of the RRTC. It should be noted that the Chairperson could best serve the RRTC also as the Course Registrar.

Chair’s Responsibilities

  1. Makes appointments on a needs basis of all Certifiers.
  2. Appoints the following positions on the RRTC: Vice Chairs, Measurement Workshop Chair(s), Secretary, Webmaster, Data Accuracy Officer, Validation Chair, Bookkeeper and Bulletin Board Monitor.
    Note: Each position is awarded by the RRTC Chairperson, based upon recommendations of others, or upon his own observations. No position is granted for-life. After discussion amongst the Technical Council, the RRTC Chairperson has final say in removal of someone from their position. Any person may be removed from the above positions in A and B for the following reasons:
    1. Doesn’t properly fulfill their responsibilities.
    2. Their conduct has been determined to be detrimental to the measuring community or running community.
  3. Assists with Verifications of any Road Courses, especially for USATF Championship Races.
  4. Encourages individuals to measure and provides information upon request.
  5. Makes sure that the RRTC is dedicated to the idea that all races are equal and there is no special preference to “important” races in the validations process.
  6. Makes sure there is no political affiliation when dealing with people seeking certification.
  7. Builds friendly bridges for USATF by assisting race directors and getting them on the path to cooperation with USATF.
  8. Sees that the game is played with fairness and guides the RRTC to stay free of obligation to any special interests.
  9. Is responsible for all expenses submitted to USATF.
  10. Makes recommendations to IAAF on individuals to appoint as AIMS/IAAF ‘A’ and ‘B’ Course Measurers.
  11. Is the first contact with USATF for all Issues.