Regional Certifiers and Final Signatory Measurers

Regional Certifier

The position of a Regional Certifier is appointed by the Chairperson of the RRTC. The Chairperson may take suggestions from past Regional Certifiers or the Vice Chair(s) of the RRTC as these people know the type of work done by a measurer to make this recommendation. Regional Certifiers represent specific areas where they review work of measurers (see their responsibilities below). A Regional Certifier can also measure their own courses and issue their own Certificates whether it’s in their assigned area or outside their assigned area (on their Certificate they are identified as a USATF/RRTC Certifier). When measuring a course outside their assigned area then a Certificate is sent to the Regional Certifier for that area. The Vice Chairs, Validation Chair and Chairperson of the Road Running Technical Council are National Certifiers, who can review others’ work as well as their own and have Final Signatory Status (on their Certificate they are identified as a USATF/RRTC Certifier).

All Regional Certifiers have Final Signatory status except in the case of a newly appointed Regional Certifier. The newly appointed Regional Certifiers must initially use a two-signature certificate, and get it countersigned by their Vice Chair, until they receive Final Signatory Status. Final Signatory Status means this person has been authorized to issue course certifications using only their own signature, without having to obtain a signature from any other person.

Regional Certifier responsibilities

  1. Reviews all applications for Certification that measurers submit for courses located within the certifier’s assigned area(s). The review charge should be no more than $30 for a road course. There is no charge for a calibration course.
  2. Checks applications for accuracy and discusses any deficiencies with the measurer, who should then correct the areas of concern.
  3. Reviews the map and verifies that it can be used to accurately set out the course by someone not familiar with the area. Adherence to all map requirements shall be confirmed. If a map is deficient, the measurer resubmits a new corrected map.
  4. Issues a Certificate indicating the course is certified.
  5. Sends one copy of the certificate to the measurer.
  6. Sends two copies of the certificates to the Vice Chair with a $5.00 handling fee.

Final Signatory Measurer

If a Regional Certifier retires then they could have Final Signatory status, but that it is not an automatic title. It is the Chairperson who decides if this occurs. Also, a prolific measurer could have Final Signatory status if appointed by the Chairperson, but this is rare. When appointed by the Chairperson of the RRTC these individuals are referred to as Final Signatory Measurers (on their Certificate they are identified as a USATF/RRTC Certifier). They are different from Regional Certifiers as they don’t review others’ work. They issue their own Certificates for courses they have measured and send a copy to the Vice Chair with a $5.00 handling fee. However, they will also send a Certificate to the Regional Certifier of the area where the course was measured.

Regional Certifiers or Final Signatory Measurers shall encourage or assist others to measure. This is an obligation and duty of the position. When an inquiry about course measurement is received, the person should be told first that they can do it themselves, and pointed toward the RRTC web page. They can then be told of their second option, which is to hire someone. Again, they should be pointed toward the RRTC web page and the measurer search capability. Last, the certifier may offer his or her services as a measurer.

Regional Certifiers or Final Signatory Measurers shall not disparage other measurers’ work to the running community. If either of the above does not like another’s work, simply refer the running community to the public body of work contained on the USATF Website, and let the community decide for themselves.

Note:  All Certifiers, including both Regional Certifiers and Final Signatory Measurers, are representatives of USATF and must therefore maintain membership in USATF.